Untitled [ Imi Nau’au’au] (2011)

Cory Kamehanaokala Taum
17.5 x 19
1-color screen print, Mohawk Birch Archival Paper, Printed in Oakland, 2011
Edition of 60

This image represents the figure of a Human being, male or female. I created this image when I was at the point in my life when I was asking the question that we all ask at some point along the way? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? This image is the answer that I got from my ancestors understanding of life. This image shows the Hawaiian’s understanding of the three piko (three body points);The two crescent moon shapes are called “Hoaka”. The top hoaka represent the soft spot or the open fontanel in the infant’s skull. This hoaka is kind of like an open bowl. This top hoaka is open and connecting us to the past; our ancestors in the spiritual realm. The middle piko looks like the pattern that you see when you drop a stone into water; this piko represents the present, the navel is the remnants of our connection to our mother through the umbilical chord. The last piko (the upside down hoaka) is the future and represents ones genitals which are the connection to our descendants that we will bear. Outside of this image of man, is a pattern expressing the duality of all things in life. With this understanding of life all one can do is live in the present, which will one day be the past and one day be the future. Let the past be the past and don’t stress about the future, because ultimately the secret to happiness is being completely satisfied with your life right now.