Untitled (2016)

Jesus Barraza and Melanie Cervantes
33″ x 54″, Giclee print on archival rag paper, One of a kind giclee, Printed in San Francisco, CA April 2016

Our was  featured at YBCA’s Public Square, called Investigations of Labor & Ecology. Our work explores the system of labor and how people feel, perceive, and experience labor.

Through installation, performance, and dialogue artists of  Investigations of Labor  Ecology responded to”Why work?:; and & “What is a healthy ecosystem?”; The event invites everyday citizens to explore their own relationship with these larger systems. Offering an immersive sensory experience, our projects seek to empower shifts of the public imagination.

Water is sacred, like life. We must pray, and organize to protect it. This image is a remix of other images which reflect on the many ways communities struggle to heal the waters and in turn heal ourselves and all our relations. We are up against greedy corporations and the short sighted people who profit from them. A new collaborative piece by Jesus Barraza and I for Yerba Buena Center for the Art’s Public Square event today. It’s almost as tall as me-at five feet tall.