Una Limpia en la Misión (2013)

After Day of the Dead in the Mission District this year there were a lot of feelings that came up for people, feeling their culture commodified, their community invaded, their ceremonies being disrespected. I myself walked away with these feelings and wanted to use art in someway to help me and others deal with these issues. I ended up contacting my firend Maya Ch and suggested the idea of a Limpia in the Mission to help deal with all the bad vibes that were left behind from that night. I contacted Celia Rodriguez to help lead this Limpia and along with Rio Yañez and Tina Cansler we went to the Mission on the dawn of November 7, 2013 and walked down 24th Street, from the Galeria to Mission St and tried to alleviate the space of the some of the bad vibes that were left behind from everything that went down on Dia de los Muertos.

ARTIST: Jesus Barraza