Tonantzin (2011)

Melanie Cervantes

12″ x 16″

Full color, Digital Print, New Leaf Cover Paper, Ancient Forest Friendly, Printed at Inkworks Press in Berkeley, 2011

Tonantzin is a representation of mother earth or mother of corn as embodied by indigenous women in the Americas. This portrait is of a Rarámuri (Tarahumara) woman.  I include the serpent symbology because prior to a Judeo-Christian tradition which views serpents as evil, indigenous matriarchal worldviews associate serpents with spiritual wisdom, femininity and being grounded. This piece honors the spiritual and ethereal grandmothers who connect me to every relation living and in the spiritual realm.

Huey tonantzin
tonantzin huey tonantzin
Ipalnemohuani toyolo paquih
tlazohcamati tonantzin
Ipalnemohuani toyolo paquih
tlazohcamati tonantzin

Gran madrecita tierra
madrecita tierra gran madrecita tierra
Dador de vida; mi corazón se alegra
gracias Madrecita tierra