Todos Somos Ramona (2002)

Jesus Barraza
22 x 26 inches – 5 color, Handmade Screen Print
Signed and numbered edition of: 30
Lenox 100 ArtPaper, Printed in San Francisco, 2002

From the “Fourth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle” by the EZLN

The flower of the word will not die. The masked face which today has a name may die, but the word which came from the depth of history and the earth can no longer be cut by the arrogance of the powerful. We were born of the night. We live in the night. We will die in her. But the light will be tomorrow for others, for all those who today weep at the night, for those who have been denied the day, for those for whom death is a gift, for those who are de nied life. The light will be for all of them. For everyone everything. For us pain and anguish, for us the joy of rebellion, for us a future denied, for us the dignity of insurrection. For us nothing.