Tierra y Libertad Exhibition Poster (2010)

Jesus Barraza &Melanie Cervantes
13″ x 20″ inches
2 – Color, Handprinted, Screenprint, Off White Archival Paper, Printed in Oakland, 2010

There are times in life when you have the opportunity to take a step back and appreciate all the work you’ve done and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride and feel recharged to keep going. This was the feeling we had after setting up this exhibit at EastSide Arts Alliance, it featured over 25 of our prints and posters. As Dignidad Rebelde it was a real honor to have the opportunity to exhibit at EastSide, particularly because we feel that this is a very important community space that supports and engages the community. This is one of the few screen printed posters we have created for an exhibit, we usually don’t have time to design and print a poster but this was a special exhibit at EastSide Arts Alliance and we made the time to produce these. We put these up in the neighborhood to reach out to the community and give them an example of the kind of work in the exhibit. We found a few of these when cleaning our studio and wanted to share them with everyone.