Tierra y Libertad (Amate,2012)

Melanie Cervantes
15″ x 23″
5-Color handmade screenprint, Amate Paper, Printed in Oakland, 2012

Tierra y Libertad is a reflection of the new generation of farmers working land within autonomous communities of the Zapatistas. Tierra y Libertad is a slogan that was popularized during the turn of the century by Mexican Revolutionaries like Emiliano Zapata who were fighting to give the land back to the indigenous population from whom it was expropriated. The white hat is also a subtle nod to Nicaraguan revolutionary Augusto Sandino.There is also a repeating gold pattern of maize in the back ground which symbolizes how corn is central to the dietary, social and spiritual life of indigenous people in Mexico.

The prints are produced on amate paper (a paper that has been made in the continent since before colonial invasion) that was hand carried in from Mexico. This is a very small edition of 10 prints on amate paper**. We also have four prints that were produced on birch wood.


**Each of the prints is unique because the amate’s marbled design varies from print to print.