The Real Obscenity (2011)

Melanie Cervantes
22″ x 30″
5-Color, Handprinted, Screenprint, Archival Lennox Paper, Printed in Oakland CA 2011

Edition of 10

Here is a print called “The Real Obscenity”. I got alot of criticism for using the f-bomb and it really frustrated me because I felt like it was the most appropriate word to express the frustration I feel having to bear witness to these actions. First people are displaced because of policies like NAFTA (FTAA, CAFTA etc) then people have to endure gruesome circumstances to come to the country whose foreign policy is responsible for the displacement only to face further trauma by militarized agencies like ICE, border patrol and the police. Then their is the fact that the Obama administration has deported nearly 2 million people to date. Now isn’t that the real obscenity?