The first one is prounounced chee, the second one is eks (2023)

Melanie Cervantes
12″ x 18″, 5 layer handmade screen-print
140lb/ 300gsm Artist Loft Watercolor Paper (Made in Italy)
Printed in San Leandro, CA (January) 2023
Edition of 41 with Dignidad Rebelde’s studio symbol as a dry embossed seal in left hand corner

“The first one is pronounced chee, the second one is eks” is a playful engagement of the letter “X” and patterns created based on one small drawing of the letter repeated in many different configurations and colors. This piece is a tongue-in-cheek indictment of the violent rejection of using the letter in terms of identity such as Xicanx. There are a couple of additional symbols integrated into the visual narrative of the print which engages the history of invasion and colonialism which is an inescapable foundation for the fragmentation that so many us experience.