Stand Up, Stand In (2014)

Melanie Cervantes
Online graphic, Created in collaboration with TIGRA (Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action), May 2014
Promotional text for call to action:

Graduation is shared with loved ones.  

But thousands of young immigrants are  denied this priceless moment because  of an inhumane deportation system that  separates them from their families.  

Join TIGRA and stand with immigrant  families by “Standing In” for family  members who can’t be there at graduation.  

Celebrate this important moment with  the graduate and make this a proud  moment for our communities.  

STANDING UP if you’re a  graduate and have lost someone to  deportations 

STANDING IN for a loved one  deported on graduation day 

CALLING ON President Obama  and telling him to take action and  stop the deportations. His number is  202-456-1111. Call now! 

VISIT  for more information and to sign