Solidarity with Haiti

Download Poster Here: Solidarity with Haiti

This poster was created in response to a call for art in Solidarity with the people of Haiti. The call was put out by the People’s Forum on behalf of the International People’s Assembly. Read below for more information about the exhibit.

“Come to the People’s Forum to see the exhibition REVERBERATIONS: solidarity with Haiti against foreign intervention! You can also view the complete set of posters and download them on our website.

A wave and a reflection,  REVERBERATIONS recognizes the impact that Haitian uprisings have made on the world, and the necessity of international solidarity to ring out in resonance. In this pivotal moment, artists across the world urgently call for sovereignty, dignity, and democracy in Haiti as they build solidarity with comrades on the ground fighting against foreign intervention. These over 30 artworks show us that our movements only get stronger when we build solidarity, make marks against imperialist violence, and envision a future for the people.

REVERBERATIONS is a project of the People’s Assembly
– North America.

We invite you to exhibit this work in your community space or art center!”  For more info contact The People’s Forum