Protect Mauna Kea/ Pua Case (2019)

Melanie Cervantes
Digital Graphic, August 2019

We met Auntie Pua Case at home in California during the Run4Salmon, a prayer run focused on bringing the salmon home to the Winnemum Wintu territories. There is a deep bond between Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemum Wintu and Auntie Pua.

I read an article in the “America: The Jesuit Review” that quoted Auntie Pua that conveyed a perspective on leadership that is centered in an indigenous worldview that I want to elevate and share with you here.

I continue to send solidarity, love and prayers to the relatives standing to protect Mauna Kea in Hawai’i. The struggle is to protect the sacred mountain, from the intentions to build the 18 story “Thirty Meter Telescope” on its peak. This would be in addition to the 13 telescopes that already exist on the mountain. Kanaka Maoli (Indigenous Hawaiians) are leading the stand and people of conscience are following their lead in doing everything they can to protect the sacred site. This struggle is part of a history of settler colonialism and the brute force of American imperialism trying to have its way in the name of science.