Otras Voces, Otra Historia

Melanie Cervantes
Web Graphic and Logo 2010

In 2008 I traveled to Ecatepec, Mexico to participate in the Festival in New Winds. A contingency of about 15 U.S based artists journeyed to the municipality to conduct skill shares, create street installations, exhibits and artists talks. During our time there we met many talented local artists and media makers. I was particularly impressed by the work and political analysis of a pair of comrades:Ricardo Aguilar and Edgar Guzman Cortes who we spent a considerable amount of time with. We discussed the impacts of Neoliberal policies and repression in Mexico, we visited the commemorative Tlatelolco the site of two major massacres, our mutural alignement with the Zapatistas’ Otra Campaña and spent many of our meals discussing resistance together. We have kept in touch since our travels there and I was honored when I was commissioned to create a logo for their collective Otras Voces, Otra Historia

Born in 2003, as the Collective Slekilalik: Ricardo Flores Magon and composed of six activists of a student movement. They decided to go a step further and formally integrate the work of the communication and dissemination in their work; previously they helped promote conferences, discussion forums, consultations and cultural activities associated with the university and student population, but they realized the need to disseminate the information generated and that the university should have a space to give voice to the student they decided to start work in Internet radio production in order to have more coverage to the general public and beyond the an audience of students.