Oakland is Occupied Ohlone Land (2011)

Melanie Cervantes
20″ x 26″ 2-layer screenprint, Printed in Oakland, CA 2011

Text when shared online:

A new design for this upcoming launch of Occupy Oakland and Indigenous People’s Resistance Day.

I am really excited about these local efforts popping up all over the country. I believe in our insurgent energy and know it will take a massive movement to defeat imperialism, corporate colonialism, and racism here in the belly as well as throughout the world.

I also believe Occupy” actions need to center a racial justice analysis into their process and demands if they want to truly reach transformational outcomes.Let’s grow and be clear about who we are focusing on (imperialism/capitalism/financial sector) but let’s decolonize ourselves along the way.

In that spirit I support the launch of Occupy Oakland and commend its first steps in asking Ohlone’s people for their blessing in starting this work.
As a brilliant friend suggest-Occupy Oakland know the traditional territorial boundaries of the lands you are occupying! Together, recognize the histories and present day struggles of the indigenous peoples whose traditional lands you are occupying!

Santa Cruz: Awaswas Ohlone
San Francisco: Ramaytush Ohlone
East Bay: Chochenyo Ohlone