New Dimensions (2013)

Jesus Barraza
Digital Print
12″ x 18″

This bi-national symposium will bring together scholars and activists from Mexico and U.S. from a variety of disciplines to critically evaluate current trends in the scholarship and practices of Mexican and Chicano social movements. A great deal has changed—economically, politically, culturally, and intellectually—in the decades since the watershed 1968 Mexican student movement, the historic Chicano mobilizations of the 1960s and 1970s, and the internationally celebrated EZLN uprising of 1994. New social movements of indigenous peoples, women, lesbian, gay, and transgender people have gained new ground in Mexico, while in the U.S., continued mobilization of the Dream movement, newly organized sectors of the Latin American indigenous diaspora, and new organizations challenging anti-immigrant and anti-ethnic studies campaigns have revitalized and renewed Latino politics in the U.S.