Never Give Up (3rd Ed) Paperbag

Melanie Cervantes
12.5 x 14 inches
5-Color including background blend/1-color flipside, Handprinted,Paperbag, Varient Edition, Printed in San Leandro, CA  2015

This is the third edition of Never Give Up prints. This version was printed with regular matte colored inks and finished with one metallic ink.

A print with an uplifting and encouraging message about tenacity and resilience. This piece is heavily inspired by multiple visits to Arizona, including Nogales where my father grew  up, whose animal and plant life reflects beauty of true determination.  This test print has the Never Give up print on one side and the Marcus Garvey print on the other.

*Please note the background blend (or rainbow fountain) makes each print unique because it combines multiple colors, purple, lilac,orange and pink, to create the effect of a sunset in this print. Each print varies slightly and is unique.