Migration is a Human Right (2012)

Melanie Cervantes
11″ x 17″
Digital Print, 2012

Migration is a Human Right! La Migración es un Derecho Humano is a print dedicated to all the people who move across the land in an effort to live a dignified live. The design was originally created for print demonstrations at workshops conducted in Arizona. The use of the butterfly imagery was inspired by the monarch butterfly’s migration pattern. The monarch is the only butterfly that migrates both north and south  on a regular basis. The organizing groups we are working with in Arizona are also using the symbols of the monarch in their political art-painting cardboard butterflies that decorated their protest drums. Recently the Undocubus painted several  monarchs on the side of their tour bus which has been affectionately nicknamed Priscilla.

Proceeds from the sales of this print supported buying art supplies for our work with Arizona based organizing groups  Puente Movement Arizona, Tierra y Libertad and No More Deaths.