La Gloria/Gloria Anzaldua Rest in Power (2006)

Melanie Cervantes
14″x17″, 3-Color Screen Print,Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Board,Printed in Laney Community College, Oakland, CA,   May 2006.

Many people assume I learned to screen print during my time at UC Berkeley.  I never took a class in the art department. I did make art in my X/Chicana/o Studies classes but graduated after a brief two year stint since I was a transfer student. I enrolled in a five hour Saturday screenprinting class at Laney Community College when I friend asked me to join him in learning the process. I was quick to sign up. I always loved looking at the screen prints of Chicana/o printmakers and was excited to learn.

This poster is my very first screenprint. I knew I wanted to make something to honor the life of Gloria Anzaldua and I felt like a visual tribute was important.