La Autonomia es la vida, La sumision es la muerte (2012)

Melanie Cervantes
47.5 x 70 cms poster, printed in Mexico City, MX 2012

This poster design was created in response to a call for posters to be made in solidarity with the EZLN. Text from the call is included below

“Again the bad government has intensified repression against the communities Zapatistas. Its main strategy is to confront communities civilian and paramilitary organizations. The same is happening in the country with other communities as Ostula, Cheran, Wirikuta, La Parota, among many others.

At the national level is deepening a silent war against communities struggling with the intention of capitalizing on natural resources silence the voices of protest, divide people and pretend to buy economic support memory and dignity. We believe it is necessary and urgent speak out against this repression.

So we launched this national and international print campaign against repression and harassment of the Zapatista communities and others in struggle.

We believe the campaign should say something more than a “No to repression”, where also important to encourage the fighting spirit, celebrating those experiences that provide encouraging teaching that “another world is possible”. It is also necessary exposed to light how transnational interests impose guidelines servile state and its policies of domination and destruction to destroy and reorganize the territories according to their ambitions.”