If Capital Can Cross Borders So Can We! (2010)

Jesus Barraza
12″ x 16″
Full color digital poster, New Leaf Recycled Acid Free Paper, Union Printed in Berkeley, CA by Inkworks 2010

This poster was created in response to Arizona passing SB 1070 into law. The law will allow local “law enforcement” legally use racial profiling to harass anyone they respect “who is an alien and who is unlawfully present in the U.S.” This poster was printed by Inkworks Press and given away for free at the May 1st – International Workers Day march and rally in Oakland.

This poster was created to bring attention to the unequal way that migrants and corporations are treated. Corporations are allowed to move freely through the world with laws that are created to make it easier for them exploit labor and harm the environment, while humans are persecuted for moving from one country to another fleeing the global south and circumstances created by the global north.