HUELGA Poster (2011)

General Strike Poster Spanish
Download General Stike Poster by clicking HERE. You can download a high resoulution PDF poster and pay what you like via a DONATION to support the Dignidad Rebelde, or if you can’t afford it you’re welcome to download one for free.
I was inspired to make this poster after leaving the General Assembly at Oscar Grant Plaza last night, I was really moved by the people the people sharing their stories and calling for a General Strike. There was one father there who told the crown about his four sons that were arrested on Tuesday night during the police riot in downtown Oakland, and how proud he was of them. He then started to chant Strike! Strike! Strike! and everyone started chanting with him. It was very powerful. I wanted to make design an announcement, something people can use to post and encourage as many people as possible to show their power and stand united under the call of a General Strike. I think this movement can be very powerful, I hope this inspires other General Assemblies across the country to call for a Strike in their city.