Grassroots Global Justice (2010)

Melanie Cervantes
Fabric Banner , Dye Sublimation Printing, January 2010

This design was commissioned by the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance in the anticipation of 2010’s U.S. Social Forum.Grassroots Global Justice is a national alliance of grassroots organizations building a popular movement for peace, democracy and a sustainable world. They support each other’s local struggles and collaborate with international allies who share their vision and commitment to building a transformative social justice movement beyond borders. They connect as grassroots leaders by creating spaces for dialogue and strategic thinking, and by sharpening their understanding of global political and economic forces that cause poverty, conflict and environmental destruction in our communities. They work across issues and regions to develop agendas by and for working-class people, poor people, indigenous people and communities of color that can help lead to a good life for all. And in doing so, GGJ is helping to support a renaissance of U.S. social movements, led by mass-based, economically independent organizations with a global perspective and key international relationships. Through convergence, education, leadership development and coordinated action, GGJ will continue to connect real people and their local struggles to promote systems change for a peaceful, democratic and sustainable world. Over the next 20 years, GGJ will work to achieve critical shifts in global issues including climate justice, trade, migration and militarization, because the time is now to make another world possible – a world where everyone matters and everyone can have enough.


Bandana design