Giving Thanks (2023)

In 2011 we felt so tired of the Thanksgiving narrative & normalization of this day that celebrates invasion and genocide that we started an intentional practice of celebrating Indigenous resistance & resilience.

So now every year, wherever we are ,we take time to remember that despite all of the horrors of colonialism & imperialism that indigenous peoples are still here. Still living, still breathing & still loving. We offer these images as a way to fight against erasure, invisibility & the violence of forgetting.

Giving thanks to all the community that has come out for Palestine, to make sure people know that…From Turtle Island to Palestine we all will be free! Over the past 47 days, since the Israeli war on Palestinian Civilians in Gaza began we have been witness to a horrific genocide on social media as people on the ground have broadcast to the world what is happening to them. But on the streets around the world we have seen millions of people stand up for Palestine, demanding not just a ceasefire, but an end to the terror that the illegitimate nation state of Israel wages on the Palestinian civilian population. As artist we have chosen to stand with our Palestinian community and will continue to chant: From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.

#FreePalestine #GazaLives #LandBack #XicanxPalestinianSolidarity

Download Here: Giving Thanks 2023 Poster