Foreclose on the 1% (2012)

Jesus Barraza & Melanie Cervantes
12″ x 18″
Full color digital poster, New Leaf Recycled Acid Free Paper, Union Printed in Berkeley, CA by Inkworks 2012

The poster was first created for the Occupy protests happening in 2011 and features members from Causa Justa/Just Cause an organization that helps people who have been dealing with displacement from their home. The design was first made to support the bank actions happening in Oakland October 2011 to show my solidarity with all those who are challenging the Big Banks to demand a moratorium on foreclosures and to stop its investments in detention centers and dirty energy and to hold them accountable for their role in causing our economic crisis. This version was created in 2012 for the May 1st – Intarnational Workers Day rally and march in Oakland, California and were printed by Inkworks Press and given away free to community.