Fight for the Schools All Students Deserve (2019)

Melanie Cervantes an Jesus Barraza
Produced as a 12″ x 18″ poster distributed by National Education Association
Available as a downloadable graphic

One of seven offset posters that were printed and given away for free to educators at the NEA (National Education Association) RA (Representative Assembly) in Houston in July 2019. These posters are now up in classrooms across the country. Your welcome to print copies of this image for the classroom, union hall, or other spaces. Note that the image is Creative Commons and not for commercial use. The Art Build Workers collaborated with the NEA on organizing the offset posters and two-art builds during the Houston conference.

Jesus and I worked on a commissioned poster for the National Education Association (NEA) who will be hosting a Representative Assembly meeting in Houston in early July. The NEA will be running these posters and designs by other artists and cultural workers. The posters will be given away for free to the educators who attend the meeting.

We believe that public education can be meaningful and transformative and we support the work folks engage in to fulfill that vision.