End ICE & Police Collaboration (2015)

Melanie Cervantes and Diane Ovalle (based on her photo)

26″ x 20″ poster file used for direct actions and full color digital file for use online, Posters printed in Phoenix AZ by Puente Ink, April 2015

From April 2015.
“There’s more than one way to stop a deportation. With affirmative relief held up in the courts, and another 7 million people with no relief in sight, our movement must work to stop deportations from another angle, ending out-of-control enforcement and rampant criminalization.

On the fifth anniversary of SB1070, our resistance continues and our movement grows. It’s time to get ICE out of our neighborhoods, in Arizona and across the country. The President’s next step should be to end ICE’s working with notorious Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and police departments enabled by SB1070.

Secure Communities may have officially ended, but there are still ICE agents stationed at the 4th Avenue Jail. People are still transferred from jail to ICE detention every day. The latest version of police-ICE collaborative policy, PEP COMM, means that millions of our loved ones are positioned at the dangerous intersection of the criminal justice and immigration legal systems. The criminalization of everyday life continues, and with it deportation of our loved ones. When we say #Not1More, we mean it.”