California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (2013)

Jesus Barraza and Melanie Cervantes, Graphic for multiple uses: shirts, posters, postcards, stickers, online dissemination, for the California Domestics Workers Alliance, April, 2013

Dignidad Rebelde is super happy to share the updated graphic for the California Domestic Workers Alliance. We wholeheartedly support the work these women and their allies are doing to end generations of exclusion from basic labor protections through advocacy for the Domestics Workers Bill of Rights which  extends overtime protections to domestic workers and personal attendants who care for and support thousands of individuals and families in California. This legislation improves working conditions for homecare and domestic workers, and will in turn improve the quality of care that Californians receive. Establishes labor standards that protect domestic workers’ basic workplace rights, including meal and rest breaks, clarity on what constitutes working time, sick time to care for themselves and their families, and freedom from discrimination and sexual harassment.