Break ICE’s Hold (2012)

You can download a high resolution PDF poster and pay what you like via a DONATION to support the Dignidad Rebelde, or if you can’t afford it you’re welcome to download one for free.
Download Breaking ICE’s Hold poster by clicking HERE
This is a poster we just created for the “Mass Rally to Support the TRUST Act & CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights” this coming Saturday, September 29th. The mobilization is being organized to urge California Governor Jerry Brown to sign the Trust Act & the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law. These two historic bills represent years of grassroots organizing and struggle by working immigrant communities and their allies, and offer California an important opportunity to counter the rise of anti-immigrant legislation across the United States. We hope that you will join our brothers and sisters in the labor, interfaith, immigrant, and student communities who will converge to urge the governor to sign these bills and make history.