Barbz ’85 (2018)

Jesus Barraza
22″ x 30″
11 Run, Handprinted Screen-print on Coventry Rag, 290gsm
Printed at Self Help Graphics by Oscar Duardo and Andi Xoch, 2018
Barbara Carrasco is one of those strong women whose work stands out in our Art Hxstories, whether she called herself a feminist or not, her work has been part of a dialogue in the art world about the role women play in the world

with the way women were interacted with in the art movement. Looking at her early work, you can see how traditional roles in the Mexican/Chicano community were not conducive for women to be artists. For me, this piece is about paying tribute to the work she put in to assure a space was created for women and personally to celebrate the work she makes that has been a huge inspiration for me.