Aguila de la Mision (2010)

Jesus Barraza
20 x 26 inches
6 – Color, Handprinted, Screenprint, Heavy Art Paper, Printed in Oakland, 2010

I created this portrait to honor René Yañez and all that he has done for Xican@ art, he is an artist, curator and producer who lives in San Francisco. A founder and former Artistic Director of Galeria de la Raza, Yañez was one of the first curators to introduce the contemporary concept of Mexico’s Day of the Dead to the United States with Rooms for the Dead and Labyrinth for the Dead at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Since the early 1970s, René Yañez has been instrumental in establishing the Day of the Dead as an important cultural celebration. With co-director Ralph Maradiaga, the celebrations were marked by increasingly large exhibitions, ceremonies, processions, and school-based activities. They quickly spread beyond the Mission District, encompassing various communities in the Bay Area, California, the American Southwest and back home to Mexico.