The Aceves-Iñiguez family (2017)

Melanie Cervantes
Digital illustration,  Commissioned by Sons and Brothers, July 2017

Text shared by Sons and Brothers social media account:

The Aceves-Iñiguez family are nothing short of amazing. This queer Latinx family, composed of moms (Carmen and Kimberly) and their two children (Mateo Colibri and Santiago Quetzal), show us what it means to live, lead, and work with the purpose of transformative rage and love for community.
Carmen is a first-generation Xicanx from Wilmington, CA. Her parents are from small ranchitos in Jalisco, Mexico. Carmen started her work as a community organizer at the age of 14, in her hometown. Since then, Carmen has supported social and racial justice causes at a number of non-profit organizations across the nation, focused on multi-racial community organizing, leadership development, public policy reform & legislation, and immigrant and labor rights.

Kimberly is a second-generation Latinx, born and raised in Chula Vista, CA. Her earliest inspiration came from her Nana’s kitchen table. It was there that talk of inequity, racism, displacement, and justice were the focus of mealtime conversations. It was also there that Kimberly learned, through her abuelos and a strong mother, the delicate dance of leading with love and rage. It was those early conversations shaped her understanding of the world and her deep obligation to work in service to her community. (Full story on our facebook page – link in bio) –All year, @SonsAndBros has honored the heroes and hundreds of individuals that have fought and continue to fight the injustices faced by our communities. Over the next week, we will slow things down a bit to recognize the journeys of some American Heroes and the ways in which they have made today possible and are working to create a more just FUTURE. 🎨 by: @MelanieCervantes of Dignidad Rebelde,